Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wonderful Little Boxes!

I have a confession to make, I love boxes and containers! If you take me into a shop that sells organization type stuff my eyes glaze over and I can wander for days.. needless to say the Hubs never goes with me to those places, which I don't understand because I love going with him to the hardware store but then again I seem to wander off to the section of the store with all the little parts and pieces..Humm?
My Studio is the smallest room in our house but of course it has enough stuff to probably fill another room. I have tried to organize my jewelry components and beads for years and just when I think I have the things the way I want them I find some new box that would be just right and so I have to start over again, sorting and placing everything where I want it.
I have decided that this is therapy for me and when I am upset or not feeling particularly creative I find myself dumping out boxes and re-organizing them. I guess its cheaper than a shrink but every time my husband comes into the room and realizes what I am doing he makes himself scarce. Gee do you think I am putting off some sort of vibe?
My point in this ramble is take a look around your studio and see if there is a need to organize something then go buy lots of fun boxes etc. When you are through see if you don't feel better!
Now I have to run, there is a sale at the container store!!


  1. Love this post katy! I tried to organize my sewing room/computer room/scrapbooking room/dressing room last summer...I took everything off my floor to ceiling bookshelves...hit Pier 1 Imports and put only my antique price guides,craft, marketing and scrapbooking books back up. The rest of the shelves are taken up with organizer baskets and an occasional antique toy! That's where it stopped! My work bench doesn't fit in this teeny tiny room...Maybe next summer I'll be able to REALLY throw something out and make room for my work bench...:) I'm so glad you're part of our Peace & Love Market!Deb~

  2. I totally know how you feel about the whole organization thing! There is just something about all that cute stuff! Whether I have use for it or not, I feel like I just have to have it! lol