Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pass It ON!

I am not sure where the years have gone but, my babies are grown and having babies of there own and as life seasons change for me I am reminded that God blesses each season of life we go through and I plan to enjoy every second of being a grandmother.
My love for all things creative was nurtured by my Grandmother and I hope I can do the same for my darling Rebekah. She is just a year old and every time I am with her I see signs of great creativity as I watch her explore her world. Now it may be music instead of beads as her mother my daughter is musical but it does not matter what form it comes in I just want to encourage her on her own path of art.
If you are blessed with grandchildren then take the time to help bring out that need to create. Get messy with finger paint, make wonderful play dough creations, past and glue and don't forget the glitter. Make a huge mess and let all that creative juice flow out!
Just in case! I have been collecting lots of plastic beads and trinkets and string for her!!

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