Monday, August 3, 2009

Katy's Corner

Every one has to have a place that is there own little corner of the world so to speak, and this is mine! I have moved things around a thousand times just to find the way everything feels right to me.
But if I add to many things I find myself moving everything again and again. The hubs says I am maybe a bit OCD and smiles and suggest he can fix my whole studio for me and I will love it!! Not in this life time will he touch my perfect little world. He can do what he wants in the garage but my studio is off limits to him and his ideas. For heaven sake he does not even line up his tools!
Some days it is messy, some days neat and tidy but which ever it is my place to be creative and to dream up new and daring ideas and to play with beads and If I need to line everything up today I will then again maybe today I will be daring and make a big mess! Or not!!

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